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Bridge the gap between tax office and client with Genius Tax Pro, the all-in-one web based software designed to modernize your workflow, client-experience, and tax preparation experience.



Genius Tax Pro is one of the leaders of a 100% web-based professional tax preparation solution for single or multi-site deployments.
Genius Tax Pro does not require any software downloads, hardware support, or other costly requirements.
Genius Tax Pro innovative technology has been the topic of discussion among other tax preparation software companies.


Genius Tax Pro is the most advanced line of professional tax preparation software available. It is trusted by the world's top accounting firms, as well as thousands of local practitioners and small-large corporations alike. Powered by industry-leading customer service, tax, and technical support professionals, Genius Tax Pro offers you both the tools for increased profitability and the opportunity to provide value-added services to your clients.

And right now, you can try it for FREE 
Genius Tax Pro is more than just a software. Our range of built-in features, professional services, and round the clock customer support solidifies this software as the gold standard for the tax prep industry. 
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
“ Genius Tax Pro is like being part of a family.
The technical support was timely, professional, patience, and very courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend Genius Tax Pro. ”

JAMIE PENN - Greater tomorrow Accouting, FLORIDA
I operate a small tax franchise in Mississippi, Florida, and Texas. I have tried multiple software for our franchise but there is none to compare with the multi-operational platform Genius Tax Pro provides. The software is very user-friendly and since this union with Genius Tax Pro, National Tax Centers has increased their bottom line by over 20%. ”
LEE SAI - Texas
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  WEB-BASED APPLICATION: Genius Tax Pro saves you the hassle of needing to allocate disk space and check for hardware requirements. With it’s entirely web-based framework, you’ll have access to the software with nothing more than a browser and an internet connection.
  •  ALL- INCLUSIVE: Ease of Entry ​With the most complete sets of Federal, State, and City forms available; and built-in verification features, Genius Tax Pro makes E-Filing of tax returns a simple process that anyone can learn, master, and make a business out of!
  • THE CLIENT REACH YOU NEED: This software goes above and beyond to provide you with a personalized, highly robust mobile platform without you needing to write a single line of code!
  • ​INTEROPERABILITY = 🔑 Streamline your workflow and boost productivity wherever you are and from any device(SMART PHONE, TABLET,LAPTOP, DESKTOP). Access Genius Tax Pro and its full suite of features with nothing more than an internet connection.
  • PERSONAL/BRANDED MOBILE APP: ​With your own branded app, your clients can easily get directions to your office, contact staff, and schedule appointments, all without needing to jump through the sluggish operations of a non-digitized tax firm.
  • ZERO MAINTENANCE: No install, No updates, No Backups required. No more software expenses maintenance chores.
  •  BULLETT SECURITY: Our industry-leading double security encryption login ensures that the data of your clients is kept confidential.
  • ​INSTANT OFFICE NETWORK: Genius Tax Pro allows you to improve speed and efficiency by deploying offices within minutes instead of hours, and with NO networking software needed!
  • ​REFUND SETTLEMENT: Offer Refund Settlement Products to your clients thru our various banking partners and also choose what products each office offers.
That's well over $2750... VALUE!
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)

And that’s barely scratching the surface. Genius Tax Pro is built with a suite of over 60 features to suit the most specific needs for any kind of tax preparation practice; big, small, global, or somewhere in the middle.

Our full line of E-File solutions thru various Refund Settlement Companies keeps you in step with your client’s demands and right in line with your competitor’s offerings.
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Refund Settlement Partners

Genius Tax Pro has relationships with Refund Settlement Partners.


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You Got Questions We Got Answers!

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Why Should I purchase software from Genius Tax Pro?
Genius Tax Pro is highly favored when it comes to tax preparation software. Genius Tax Pro's intuitive and simple platform is designed for novice of tax preparers. Genius Tax Pro is an innovative software to help your tax practice compete with some of the larger firms such as H&R Block, Liberty Tax, and Jackson Hewitt

Can I convert my current software data to Genius Tax Pro?
Yes. Conversion is as 1-2-3. Converting your data from a competitor’s software saves you valuable time. Some of our popular conversion includes Lacerte, Intuit/ProSeries, Tax Slayer, Crosslink, Sabre-ATX, UTS Tax Wise, Drake, and many others.

What is Refund settlement product
A refund settlement product allows you to process your client's tax return electronically and deduct your tax preparation fees out of the refund.

Are there additional fees when offering refund settlement products?
Yes, there are third party fees associated with offering a refund settlement product to your client.
Do I need to be an experienced tax professional?
No experience is necessary. Genius Tax Pro will give you all the tools you need to run a successful tax business and provide you training on the software.

Do I need to have a PTIN? And what is a PTIN?
Yes. You must have a PTIN to prepare tax returns for compensation. If you do not have a PTIN, after the purchase of your software we will help you obtain your PTIN. There is a fee required to obtain a PTIN. PTIN is a professional tax preparer identification number. 
Do I need to have a EFIN? And what is a EFIN?
No. However we would like for you to obtain your own EFIN. Genius Tax Pro has several programs that allow you to E-File without owning your own EFIN some restrictions apply. If you do not have an EFIN, after the purchase of your software we will help you obtain your EFIN. EFIN is an electronic filing identification number.

How can I receive my tax preparation fees?
You can receive your tax preparation fees by offering your clients a refund settlement product or by utilizing the Genius Tax Pro credit card terminal.

Will I receive any specialized training or support?
Yes! For all new users, Genius Tax Pro has a 1 hour free one on one training. In addition, you can get additional training at our annual hosted tax seminars or in person at your location and various online web training. Technical support is provided during and after the tax season.

What if I have multiple locations?
Genius Tax Pro was designed for a multi-office operation. Our management dashboard helps you stay in tune with all of your offices' operations.

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